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πŸš€ Getting started with Binkey
πŸš€ Getting started with Binkey

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🎯 What products does Binkey offer?

Binkey offers three products: Binkey ICE, Binkey Pay, and Binkey Bursements.

  1. Binkey Intelligence Categorization (ICE) helps customers easily identify FSA- and HSA-eligible products when shopping on your website.

  2. Binkey Pay enables your business to process payments made with FSA and HSA cards. We also can process payments made with debit and credit cards.

  3. Binkey Bursements enables your customers to pay however they want and easily get reimbursed from their health benefits plan. You can use our post-purchase module to offer customers automated claim filings.

🏁 Ready to get started?

Check out these resources:

  • Binkey ICE

  • Binkey Pay

  • Binkey Bursements

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